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Lord of the Dead Released

Lord of the Dead

Lord of the Dead, the long awaited sequel to Sanctuary from the Dead is now available in both paperback and  ebook for the Kindle.  This book picks up just a few months after Sanctuary from the Dead and follows Joel and his fellow survivors as they try to find safety in their new home outside the city.  They seem to be turning a curve when a new and deadly enemy comes on the scene.  

Lord of the Dead (Amazon)

New Short Story Released as a Single

Monster in the Woods

A Monster in the Woods is my first short story written for the youth market.  It's a story of getting what you wished for -- and finding out just what that means.

A Monster in the Woods

Sanctuary from the Dead Trailer

Sanctuary Cover
Video Trailer


As for mysteries and crime fiction, my twin brother and I have created a private eye, Dan Daulton, who works the streets  of Columbus, Ohio,  The premiere book in the Dan Daulton series has been delayed, but we hoped to have it on the market in late 2013. 


I only recently turned to writing in the horror genre and have primarily focused on the zombie sub-genre.  Like many a people my age, the effect of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" still resonates over the years.  With the advent of "The Walking Dead," I have to ask, what is there not to love about zombies?