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Double Dead Book Release Party
I'm releasing not one, but two zombie books on Friday, November 21.  I will be releasing Dead Man's Land, the 3rd book in the Books of the Dead series along with Forget America, the 3rd book in my Forget the Zombies series.  The release party is on Facebook and you are invited.  
Here's the link:
Double Dead - FB Book Release Party

Double Dead Graphic

Dead Man's Land follows Joel and his band of survivors as the try to make it by in a zombie infested world. In this book, an old villain reappears, twice as deadly, and a new enemy comes on the scene.  It seems that not only the survival of Joel and all his friends are at stake, but maybe the fate of humanity.
Forget America is the final book in the Forget the Zombies series and follows Grant and his rag-tag band of fellow survivors as the trek across the country in search of safety.  The only that stands in their way is an group of crazy people and horde of zombies.  This is nothing new, but this time they might not make it.

Two New Short Stories Released as a Singles

Ward Z
Ward Z
Ward Z tells the story of two parents and lengths they go to keep their child alive.  Or almost alive.
Ward Z (available on Amazon)

Parade of the Dead

Parade of the Dead takes place years after the Zombie Wars and the country is broken into fractured territories and confederacies.  What little is left is precious and the people in this post apocalyptic world will do what they have to to survive.
Parade of the Dead (available on Amazon)

Sanctuary from the Dead Trailer

Sanctuary Cover
Video Trailer


As for mysteries and crime fiction, my twin brother and I have created a private eye, Dan Daulton, who works the streets  of Columbus, Ohio,  The premiere book in the Dan Daulton series has been delayed, but we hoped to have it on the market in late 2013. 


I only recently turned to writing in the horror genre and have primarily focused on the zombie sub-genre.  Like many a people my age, the effect of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" still resonates over the years.  With the advent of "The Walking Dead," I have to ask, what is there not to love about zombies?